Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Pink Overalls

A racist is still a racist,
even by any other name,

yes that one,
that one

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Caddy Maddy

You were the worst,
I woke up in pig tails,
with rouge,
and dew on my face,

feeling good,
but in the back of my mind,
still thinking that,
that you were the worst,

early and often,
and one day I hoped I would wake up with something else on my mind,

but until then,
dart, please

Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Ides

We were all crying,
and we didn't have good excuses,
or good reasons for it,

we were clinging to things that made no sense in the moment,
and all the sense in the world now,

but we couldn't run our lives,
and our happiness on the notions of I told you so,

no one wanted to hear that,

no one wanted to hear you say any of that shit,

so it was best to breath a little bit,
or at least a little bit slower than we did together,
and before,

and I was going ahead with all of this,
for no good reason,
because habit felt better than change,

and I was ashamed of that,

and so were you---

The Resignation

You and me,
we can do this,
we can put our guards down,

and I loved you more than you loved me,
so I knew I would put mine down first,
to make you see that,

and I hated the paper chase,
and the penny saver,

and I wish you would let me be good,
without writing it off as boring,

but that just wasn't the world we lived in,
certainly not in print---

Saturday, March 25, 2017



human being in


Friday, March 24, 2017

The Downgrade


Was that too much?
Or not enough?

No not true.

Thursday, March 23, 2017


Two years was a lot less fun than talking about four years from now or eight years back, or just over eight years because that was when he came in,
and things were looking up,
down for a minute,
but up really,
because of him and the end of the meltdown,
and so three years ago was eh,
but better than one and a half years ago,
but not better than one,
and not better than five from now,

and this was all useless,
because best laid plans always came in second to last place---

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wide Eye

We need to know the difference between everything and nothing,
and I needed to know if you meant something to me,
something more than we had,
and as much as I had hoped for,
but I was probably wrong,
probably too optimistic,

and I was starting to resent that it wasn't in the zeitgeist,
the goodness,

and I was starting to hate myself a little bit,
for taking it for granted,
for not paying attention,
for falling asleep at the wheel,

and I was hoping it wasn't too late,
for me to start over with the right periphery

Monday, March 20, 2017


I just wanted to be far from here,
where I could lay,
and be still,
with books,
and sky,
and rain,
and things that felt very different from here,

and here,
and here,

tick, tick, tick,
and at once,
I saw the escalator,

and the fog

No Swimming, 1995

I was running out of breath,
and I kept swimming to the deep end of the pool,

I didn't want to admit I couldn't swim there,
but I couldn't,
I'd never found my footing,

and this was all fucking nonsense,
so I let my hair down,
and I let it get wet,
all of it,
until I was like that baby on the album cover,
who made that cover,
and I was nowhere to be found

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Ninety Forty

There was a time when they wanted to be fifty years younger,
and that was true of me,
not because I was old,
just because it was the wrong time,
for them,
and for me,

and what was that all about anyway,
some kind of version of a nostalgist,
like we,
they didn't do it right the first time,

and I wanted her to take me there,
because she could tell me what it was like then,
before I came into the picture,

so I set my sights on the Lindy Hop,
because it was leap frogging back and forth through things I'd never been through that sounded right to me,

but my clocks had all since stopped,
and I wore them on my wrist,
and my sleeve anyway

Friday, March 17, 2017

Marching Order

His rainbow was a little bit dew covered,
and I missed him more today than other days,
not because it was our day,
but because it was a part of everything he had become to me,

even my eyes turned green,
and my beer,
and my hair,

and my cheeks for a moment,

and I was lucky,
because I could see sparkles,
down the side of a Fata Morgana,

and I could see the ship off in the harbor,
not the Good Ship,
and there were no lollipops,
those were only for her and me,

but there was one,
and it smelled like yesterday,
and at the back end was the Pot O' Gold---